A Transdisciplinary Festival of Creativity, Research, Theory and Technoculture

September 29th-October 14th, 2006,
Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Perform.Media is an international media arts festival and symposium creating an innovative venue for creative and intellectual work around the momentary process and performance in new media art and culture. Perform.Media is a festival of work on networks, in spaces, perfomances and symposia.

Updated 05.10.06



Indiana University:
Department of Telecommunications
The College Arts & Humanities Institute
The College of Arts and Sciences
New Frontiers- New Perspectives
School of Fine Arts
School of Fine Arts Gallery
School of Informatics

Confirmed Particpants To Date

Aerostatic- Michele Darling and Terry Golob
Rosanne Altstatt
Jeff Bardzell
Shaowen Bardzell
Eli Blevis
Susan Broadhurst
Chis Burke
Mary Gray
Norbert Herber
Adriene Jenik
Haeyoung Kim- Bubblyfish
Randall Packer
Naomi Spellman
Mark Trayle

Rebecca Uchill
Larry Yaeger